The Mega event “Celebrate Peace” is advancing in its full pace.

The thrill and excitement of the event is on its peak. The attendees and participants in the promotional activities of this mega event are having ultimate fun and delirium.

1000+ students had participated in these tempting promotional activities so far. The allurement and fascinating activities had touched them to an extent where they feel captivated. Students had embraced the event with full zeal and told the YPF members that they feel addicted to YPF activities.

The feedback through staff and students participating in the event is encouraging and motivates YPF to go ahead with more enthusiasm.

The attendees thanked the YPF Team to organize such event in their college.

Stay tune for more updates as Mega Event is on 15th March.

Link to feel that zeal is:

If you want to be part of this event on 15 March then register here:

Lets Celebrate Peace!!