A walk for Peace was organised on the occasion of International Peace Day, 21st September. Around 3500 people, mostly youth came together to be a part of the walk for Peace, which took place on the 3.5 km stretch around Yamuna Sports Complex, Delhi. It took place peacefully, enjoyed and appreciated by all the participants. Aim was to make people realise that Peace is possible whatever may be the conditions in our lives. All the Participants were then escorted to the Show Court of the Yamuna Sports Complex, where 120 minutes programme was held to celebrate the Peace Day. It opened with a scintillating Live performance of musical band Ghumakkad enjoyed by one and all. A Video showing how today Youth think about Peace is was then shown. Mr Mahesh Chandra Saini, CEO, Lansdowne Cantonment Board was the Guest of Honour,  who spoke of realizing the importance of peace  and how one can excel in this Life. Two Video presentations revealing the good Work being done by Mr. Prem Rawat and Geremy Gilly were then shown. Mr Prem Rawat, also known as Ambassador of Peace across the world, has been committed towards bringing peace to people’s life. Geremy Gilly, founder of Peace One Day, has a vision of achieving Peace for one and all. Participants seemed appreciating their good work.

Mr R. K. Rai, Rtd. IG, was the Special Guest. He talked how today Youth can plays a great role in bringing Peace to everyone’s life. He then asked everyone present to take three vows of Listen, Respect and Learn, which was promptly accepted.

The whole Show Court was filled with great Zeal and spirit.

The event ended with once again a mesmerizing performance of Ghumakkad. People were so awestruck that they didn’t want to leave. Everybody left with a cheerful smile on the face and a wonderful message of Peace in their heart.