It’s being said and believed that teachers are the source of knowledge and right inspiration for mankind, and knowledge with right inspiration can lead any nation to its path of glory. In all the ages Peace had always been the most important subject and was taught by many teachers in the history.

In this age, Youth Peace Fest has taken the responsibility of introducing the Culture of Peace around the country. Inline with the said objective team conducted an event named “Art for Peace” & “Talk for Peace” at Apex Institute for the M. Ed and PhD Scholars in the Department of Education, Mumbai University Where 19 students participated alongwith M.Ed. and Ph.D. scholars, who got an opportunity to share their ideas and instincts about peace via Art for Peace, Write and Talk for Peace.

The excellent show of caliber and talent was really remarkable.

The Principal was very happy and said, “Pour your thoughts on Peace, and as we will be organizing such more workshops for our students so you have to act fast”.