About Youth Peace Foundation

Developing the Culture of Humanity & Peace


Volunteers and friends of Youth Peace Foundation aspire to reach 7 billion people on the face of this earth and give them a chance to think about this point, by taking support from all the people who show their interest in the subject we aim to complete out the mission by the end of the year 2025 or sooner.

What we do

Through the use of various platforms and initiatives Youth Peace Foundation continuously strives to create a platform for the youth of today, where they can come and express their feelings about peace, and to what peace means to them, and simultaneously encouraging them to think about world peace at large.

Our Story

We reach out to communities, institutions, corporates, schools and societies and conduct events with the theme of peace. All such events are driven by the single cause of Developing the Culture of Peace amongst youth and designed in such a way which is youth oriented.

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Eye Care Camp

Walk for Peace

Art for Peace