Humanity and Peace are the fundamental need of human beings and each individual strives for establishing the same to live a happy and peaceful life. Media is the most significant channel of information and communication in various formats – print, electronic and digital content. Due to the enhanced role of media in the society, promoting humanity and fostering a culture of peace also becomes an integral responsibility for media.

With this thought, the Youth Peace Foundation organised a panel discussion at Constitution Club of India, Delhi on November 12th, 2018 on the topic of ‘Media for humanity and Peace’. The panel was comprised of Keynote speaker Mr. Prem Rawat, Ambassador of Peace, who is spreading the message of Humanity and Peace for more than 52 years and has received various awards internationally. Prem Rawat expressed that worldwide efforts are made towards establishing peace, however first people need to experience peace in their hearts and then only there can be peace in the world. Today, the need for peace is felt than ever before and the peace that people are looking for outside resides within the heart of each human being. He said there are hatred and humbleness as well inside people, there is jealousy as well as kindness, there is sorrow as well as peace. He defined distinctly about the heart and mind and said it is the evil within the mind that takes over and has become the biggest threat. When every individual will start to resonate with the kindness and peace in their heart, that in the truest sense will be an accomplishment for humanity.

Among other eminent speakers were Mr. Saeed Naqvi, Senior Indian journalist, television commentator and interviewer; Dr. Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor in Chief – BW Business World and xchange4media; Mr. Mr. KG Suresh – Director General of Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC) and Dr.Ajit Pathak – National President, Public Relations Society of India. Ms. Sheetal Rajput – Deputy Editor, News 24 channel, and Ms. Meenakshi Sheron – anchor and journalist, moderated the panel sessions. Dignitaries and personalities from Social organisations, print and electronic Media, Government sector and mass communication institutions were invited as guests and more than 200 People from the world of media, education, corporate and social sector attended the event as delegates. Mr. Jotirmoy Roy, Senior Journalist, Columnist, and Feature writer concluded the session with the vote of thanks.