Youth Peace Foundation conducted an event: ‘Peace Wishing Tree’ and ‘Signature Campaign’ in KPP Mall, Pune on the very New Year day, January 1, 2015. This attracted the youth and others too who came to celebrate New Year. They wrote their views on ‘What is peace for you?’, ‘How will you bring peace in the world?’ and the Peace resolution ‘What will you do to make 2015 more peaceful?’.

This place is so famous that on this day a huge crowd visited for the whole day. Even foreigners visit this place for purchasing and enjoying. The point where Peace Wishing Tree and Signature Flex were placed was such that as soon as one enters one gets attracted to it. People came and asked the volunteers about the activity. The volunteers informed all about YPF.

New Year Message video from our International Key-note speaker Mr. Prem Rawat was played. Everyone was astounded by his message of peace.

More than 450 people participated and more than 1000 did know about YPF in detail. Many people expressed their desire to join YPF and many wanted this activity to be organized at their places. The Manager and the staff of the mall were very impressed by the activity management and essence of the Message of Peace.