Youth Peace Foundation is leaving no stone unturned to develop the ‘Culture of Peace’ for all alive on this planet earth by various positive inspiring methods. YPF team arranges events and gives opportunity to one and all to express their feelings on Peace and presents videos before the audience and participants on Peace so as to inspire them to feel the need of peace in their lives which resides within them itself.

This team organized a corporate event on 27th Dec., 2014 at IDBI Office, Gurgaon. It was organized for the exclusive customers and the employees. The event had – Drawing Competition for children and presentations on Peace by the interested persons. Children from leading schools were invited with their parents to participate on Saturday. The topic was Peace and Banking. Children participated in huge numbers with their parents. Even being so young the children drew unique drawings worth applaud.

Once the competition was over YPF team showed various presentations on Peace, especially the video ’25,550 days’. People enjoyed the entire event. The employees of IDBI interacted with the YPF team and were anxious to know what drives them to devote so much time for such a noble cause.

Ms. Chitra Mudra, Assistant General Manager and Branch Head, IDBI appreciated the message of Peace and the efforts as well as the initiatives taken by the YPF team.