Peace to the general mass is the absence of any kind of disturbance in the society with no sound pollution, quietness, calmness etc. But for all practicality it is never possible for a longer period of time because of its own fragile nature of human being living with the whole of its mind having greed, anger, selfishness, discrimination etc. in the external world.
The word ‘Peace’ has a meaning and existence within only which is eternal and everlasting and waiting for each human being to be introvert and experience the beauty and fragrance of it which is the true nature of every human being. Once this peace dwelling within is uncovered and realized then there will be permanent peace outside slowly and gradually but surely.

Youth Peace Foundation, a group of the awakened youths is committed to create a ‘Culture of Peace’ among youths of all around the the globe by conducting activities like ‘Write for Peace’,  ‘Talk for Peace’,  ‘Walk for Peace’, ‘Music and Dance for Peace’ etc. at all the possible social places, Institutions, Organizations, Corporate etc. as a service to the humanity. In this move, the YPF conducted an activity ‘Talk for Peace’ at Jawaharlal Nehru Public School and Mother Teresa Sr. Sec. Co-Ed. School on Wednesday, 15th October and Thursday, 16th October respectively.