We, after attending the YPF meeting in  Jaipur on 6th October, 2014; organized ‘Write for Peace’ and ‘Talk for Peace’ competitions at Karauli Tehsil of District Karauli on Sunday, 12th October as per the instructions in which 85 students of the colleges participated. This type of competition was conducted for the first time by the team. We enjoyed as well as learnt a lot by being a part of it.

After this, we decided to conduct this competition on Sunday, 19th October at Hindaun City Tehsil of District Karauli. We had started its preparation from Monday, 13th October. To conduct this competition, first of all we selected ‘Kambalvaal Vatika’ as the venue in Hindaun City. Thereafter, we got pamphlets to be put on the notice boards of the colleges, registration forms for the students, Permission Letters, Invitation Cards for the main judges etc. ready. Then, we selected the main colleges of our area and started the move for colleges.

First of all we approached Aggrasen Girls Degree College and talked to the Principal about it. He became very happy and said that today there is an urgent need of peace in this environment of turbulence & unrest and I shall fully co-operate and  I am very much pleased to note that there is a team like this in our Hindaun City which is trying to develop the ‘Culture of Peace among the youths. He permitted us to fill the registration forms for the B.Ed. students. And then we put this idea of competitions among the girl students. 72 students from here participated in the competitions. We invited Mr.Sunil Agarwal, Principal of this college as one of the judges.

Then, we went to Nehru Degree College, Indira Priyadarshini Degree College and Nirmal Degree College. We met the Principals of these colleges and all of them rendered full cooperation. 252 boys and girls students of B.Ed., B.S.T.C., B.A., and B.Com. from these colleges filled the application forms for the competition. Out of this 63 and 261 were present in Talk for Peace and Write for Peace competitions respectively. We stopped the registration process after having 324 students registered because the venue had only this much capacity to accommodate. Our team was so happy for having such a respect from the colleges that we had never thought of. The Principal and the staff of that college were deeply impressed by our work.

The Principals of the colleges who were judges urged us to go on redoing such activities in future so that Culture of Peace could be developed among the youths. Wherever we went and talked about this approach, everyone came ahead enthusiastically for our cooperation and appreciated this novel idea for developing an understanding about Peace.