At this time of turbulence, turmoil and violence around the globe what is most needed is the Peace that lies within every human being. The entire problem is due to the absence of Peace in one’s life. The heart is the source of Peace and people are unable to listen to the call of the heart that doesn’t come out loudly but calmly.

War is no solution. Peace is the only solution. And therefore Youth peace Foundation is busy with all its sincere efforts to develop ‘Culture of Peace’ amongst all the human beings all over the world. ‘Words of Love’ heal, nurture and nourish internally and in the return human being feels content and an environment is automatically created for all to live in harmony on this earth.

A sign up for Peace Campaign was organized by Kanpur YPF team at Vishal Mega Mart on January 1, 2015.

More than 600 people took pledge by signing the Pledge Board with write-ups like- ‘Peace comes from with- in’, ‘Peace is not an imagination’, ‘Stop wars’, ‘Live with Love’ etc. The best part was that many participants wished to join the YPF team and be an active part of it. There was a ‘Resolution and Wishing Tree’ on which people wrote their wishes and resolution.

It was a grand success. People said , “Peace is possible in this world.”