“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” and “Without Peace and Humanity, however good we become in business, however apparently successful we become in our careers, we will remain unfulfilled.” With these thoughts, Youth Peace Foundation and AICTE organized an event ‘’Education for Humanity and Peace’’ at AICTE Auditorium, New Delhi on 24th July, 2019. 

Mr. Prem Rawat, who is known as Ambassador of Peace and international speaker was the main speaker of the event. He shared his remarkable thoughts on the topic of Humanity and Peace. He is spreading the message of Humanity and Peace for more than 52 years and has received various awards internationally from Governmental and prestigious educational institutions. He has spoken at various prestigious institutions.

The event was attended by AICTE and affiliated institution’s Chairperson, Vice-chancellors, directors, professors and students. The Participants were jubilant to be a part of this amazing event. They expressed their views and said message of humanity and peace is the need of an hour and efforts of Mr. Prem Rawat are really remarkable. They also said that Initiative of Youth Peace Foundation towards developing the culture of Humanity and Peace is commendable.