Humanity and Peace are the fundamental need of human beings and each individual on the face of this Earth should strive for establishing the same to live a happy and peaceful life. With this thought, Youth Peace Foundation has organized an event based on the theme of Humanity and Peace titled as “The Business of Life” at NCUI Auditorium & Convention Centre, New Delhi on 21st July, 2019.

The event was comprised of speech of “Ambassador of Peace” Mr. Prem Rawat, an International speaker on the topic of Humanity and Peace, who is spreading message of Humanity and Peace for more than 52 years and has received various awards internationally from governmental and prestigious educational institutions. Prem Rawat expressed that worldwide efforts are made towards establishing peace, however first people need to experience peace in their hearts and then only there can be peace in the world. 

Among participants, dignitaries and personalities from Politics, Social organisations and Government sector were invited as guests and many people and students from the world of media, corporate, social sector and educational institutions attended the event. The Participants have expressed their views and took part in Question and Answer Session actively. They said “Message of Humanity and Peace is the need of hour and efforts of Mr. Prem Rawat are really remarkable. Initiative of Youth Peace Foundation towards developing the culture of Humanity and Peace is also commendable.