“An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it.” People refusing to see it shows their ignorance and disinterest and most importantly their priority in this life. A house or home is the basic place to learn and whatever we learn in our childhood is as permanent as carving a design or figure on a stone or metal. Children are the mirrors we can see through ourselves, if we look into honestly, and figure out what we have lost.

The Youth of all the times have always been the backbone of the society and character as well as future of the humanity. Youth is the sprouted grown plant of childhood. The basic seed of development and evolution in any age has been Peace. An honest effort is going on to let the children and the youth understand about true Peace.

In this endeavour ‘Art for Peace’ was organized at Ram Krishna Institute, Ghaziabad where students from class III to XII, in four various groups depending on the class level, got an opportunity to express their views through Art on Peace. They were so full of creative ideas as well as positive energy that we elders are to learn a lot from their beautiful approach and so was the environment there among the staff, parents and the organizers. Each and everyone felt grateful to the organization for conducting such a beautiful event and through this carving the true Peace in the hearts of the children.