Youth Peace Foundation, an organization of the youth, is committed to create a Culture of Peace all around and for accomplishing this goal it organized its first corporate event in one of the leading US based KPO, SAVI Info-services at Gurgaon on 19th Dec,. 2014 on the theme ‘Stress Buster’ in two batches for about 100 employees of SAVI including its Country Head, Functional Heads as well as young & energetic employees.

This event helped create a stress-free environment comprising of various activities based on corporate skills and presentations on Peace by YPF which enthralled the audience. It was so successful that few participants wished to join the second batch also in succession.

The HR representatives provided all the support and help make both the events a great success. Mr. Deepak Gandhi, the Country Head, was highly impressed by the message of Peace and the enthusiasm and zeal of the YPF team and the keen interest of the participants that lasted till the end. He commented that in today’s busy and hectic schedules with load of responsibilities and competitions such messages and initiatives are a must and must be encouraged. He thanked & congratulated the YPF team for all its efforts in organizing such an awakening and inspiring event in their office.

Many employees on their own expressed their eagerness to join the YPF team and support it for such a humanitarian & noble cause.