We all remember our school days and excitement of going to school. A place where we learn more or less all the lessons necessary to concrete an easy way for life! Jaipur team felt the same exhilaration and impulse when they decided to conduct the “Drawing for Peace” & “Talk for Peace” at Pinnacle Institure in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. The driving force thrusting these Jaipurites for this initiative was the motto “Building a Culture of Peace”.

Since the topic for the event was Drawing For Peace, Talk For Peace and Write For Peace, there wasn’t a much need of intricate permissions to be taken from the administration of the school. Students from age group 15 years to 18 years participated in the activity. The students welcomed the topic in a very warm manner which eventually inspired the team for further events in near future. A very energetic level of involvement was observed among the students, they carved out the definition of the word “PEACE” on the white canvas sheet in a very vibrant way validating that they do understand the need of Peace. I would like to attend your event wherever you conduct next time, a student told the team. The ceremony was concluded by distributing the awards to the winning students.

The principal was really glad to see Peace as the topic for competition and wished Jaipur team to carry on this noble cause. The event was more of sharing thoughts on peace among the individuals rather than a competition!