“The monotony of studies and work pressure breaks with the dawn of yesterday morning.”
YPF at LPU, widely known as “Lovely Professional University” starts exhilarating “Celebrate Peace”.
Hackneyed with the repetitious curriculum and wearisome routine, then YPF is bringing a heartthrob event at Bladev Raj Mittal auditorium
on 15th March @ 11 AM.The Jollification includes Dance, Music, Play and Video presentation.
Life is the most precious gift one can ever receive. And happiness is the treasure that lies inside everyone so we need to dig ourselves every day to have a rejuvenating life and glowing charm on face.
YPF wants to reach everybody to help them explore happiness and enjoy this gift of life and in the same direction “CELEBRATE PEACE ” will be another endeavor.
So join us to shower yourself in the rain of music, dance, sway and amusement.
Renowned 94.3 FM, Anjan TV, Dance Factory and Azad Group will be covering the event.
Please follow the link http://goo.gl/forms/Gur9PFlCHs for registration

Lets Celebrate Peace!!