What an amazing evening it was! When a group of more than 100 corporate professionals of Hero MotoCorp gathered in an auditorium and listened to the message of Mr. Prem Rawat.

The event at Hero MotoCorp was the video coverage of Mr. Prem Rawat’s live event held at Infosys, Pune titled as “Business of Life”.

People were told that the message will be related to their daily life issues and is focused towards stress management and work life balance. They all were keen to hear him for the first time and to know his thoughts related to corporate life.

The best thing that happen was one of the topics took by Mr. Prem Rawat is related to Success, and wherein he clarifies the Success as something which should be derived from you and not some other fellow should decide it for you.

As appraisal month is going on so such a clarity on this age old problem is like a cherry on the cake. Everyone who is present in the auditorium calmly listened to his whole message of 50 minutes, and felt connected. Like always his message was related to each and every individual audience.

After the event a quiz related to subject matter of ‘Peace’ was conducted and goodies were distributed to the winners. The team of YPF is also very much eager to hold such more events in future as well.