Author: Apoorva, New Delhi

History repeats itself and who is not aware about it? Today again, we from YPF want to dig back and evoke the masses, that we are at the time to celebrate and rejoice our continuous effort and synergy with which we started.

21st September, The International Peace Day, we laud the efforts of all volunteers who work tirelessly to make YPF mission and vision achievable and want to hail the aura and ambiance of YPF, which is unique in its own way and carry the most paramount and indispensable part of human existence “Peace”.

We started with a goal and still stand erect to keep going and move forward.

“Time and Tide wait for none.” – This small and precise proverb says a lot about the verity of our existence and invoke a sense of responsibility and control in me.

You may be an atheist or theist but can anyone deny that this existence is magical. We were born, and we will die, and this is happening since centuries.

  • Why we are born?
  • What is the meaning of this life?
  • What should be our aim?
  • Why we have happiness and sadness both?

Some of these questions and many more had always haunted human beings and if they had not haunted yet, they will definitely do in some course of time.

As repeated again and again, Mr. Prem Rawat, International ambassador of Peace, satiated our tenderness and now we had reached to a conclusion that we are here on this phase of earth to establish the culture of Peace.

We aimed to make each individual here, no matter they belong to any caste, creed, religion, ethnicity or what so ever understand the importance and necessity of Peace in their lives and replicate same to others and their upcoming generations.

YPF focuses mainly to put an idea in the mind of human beings that Peace is a necessity and we are vulnerable to odds we all face whose remedy only lies in realizing the essence of Peace.

With this concept and rumination, YPF was established in September 2013. During the first Mega Event of YPF held in February, 2014 about 185,000 people witnessed the nostalgic event in Rohini, New Delhi where Mr. Prem Rawat, keynote speaker of Youth Peace Foundation talks about Peace and spellbound the audience with this simple yet profound message of Peace.

It was the exuberant beginning and had no setback since then. Time keeps moving, but the originality and charisma of YPF’s aim remain intact.

YPF had tried reaching the kids from school to elderly citizens, from delicate institute audience to strong and handling war-front soldiers, from independent earning citizens to extorted and brutalized dependents in rehabs and so on.

YPF had tried reaching the diversified audience from almost every platform one can imagine of, which can be the busy ramp of a mall on weekends or woeful subtle floor of an old age home.

The responsibility is huge, but we are confident that we will reach our goal one day or other. Every passing year, says a success story of YPF, but we are still behind to reach that ultimate milestone.

Youth Peace Foundation has been a roller coaster ride and one day it will be an epitome of achieving the Peace and serenity everywhere and that’s the ultimate goal. How we will achieve it? This question is mind wobbling but the presence of a team where each growing member does value addition and encourages others as well has been the only way out.

We invite people to be a part of our team and slowly and gradually this huge YPF team will cover every individual on this phase of Earth who will comprehend the necessity of Peace.

21st September, International Peace Day, witness initiatives of numerous groups who join hands to achieve fundamental necessity – “Peace” on earth and work for this initiative proactively. YPF too picked this important day to celebrate its journey and make everyone involved in it feel special about it. This red-letter day is engraved in golden words in YPF testimonial as well.

Year 2015, YPF marked its presence in 15 cities with 18 events. 55000 people participated in these events, 4500 people joined us virtually through various social platforms and 51 media reports carved our presence and efforts. It was mere beginning, and we celebrated the triumph.

“Change the world by changing your world” was the theme and we indulged people with the theme through various activities such as Walk for Peace, talk for Peace, Art of Peace, Music for Peace, Dance for Peace, Quiz for Peace.

A year later, 2016, YPF marked its presence in 26 cities with 31 events with significant rise in numbers and activities. The theme was “PEACE – one day or everyday”.

Again, with a vivid form, of activities the people were diverted to give attention to Peace and YPF. These celebrated days had been a caricature to the vision of YPF and reflects the interest of people that they do want to know more and more about peace irrespective of their circumstances and filled volunteers with zeal and positivity to keep them motivated in this direction of achieving world peace.

Now its 2017 and the day of celebrating “Peace” is just few weeks away so what we are waiting for? This is the time to buckle up and recharge our thrust to make this day memorable and indelible.

I hope this year will not be any different from the past years and we will catch the eyeballs through various platforms. “Peace day” is not only about celebrating a day with pomp and show and forget, but this is the day to rejuvenate ourselves and get ready for another great year ahead.

Each passing year will diminish the distance of YPF from its goal and that’s the only thing which each one among us should always remember.

Every good cause stays long in people’s memory, and it motivates the souls positively and efficiently so we should never compromise with the moment of spreading positiveness throughout with our video presentations, activities, cultural and social embellishments.

Guys and girls so let enjoin the history again and make this day, another persistent day where we can lit “Peace” in lives of the people untouched with this reality. We must make this day unforgettable till time immemorial.