Inner feeling and enjoyment of heart that all experienced at the Youth Peace Fest Mega event, Jaipur are beyond words  and this all made this event a grand success in all respects. Such was the melodious rhythm of  Ghumakkad  Band that people were seen dancing  and expressing  joy.

Balendu Mohan shared how his heart was touched and mind got wisdom to make peace his priority and why thereafter he is devoting his most of the time for creating a culture of peace.

Prem Rawat, an international speaker of  Peace and honoured as ‘The Ambassador of Peace’ also addressed the  gathering of around 1,00,000 humorously but deeply on the subjects of life and peace. He put up a question in front of the audience “you plan for your future but what is your plan for your life, for your own peace?” He emphasized on changing our own little world by filling it with peace and happiness and thus the whole world shall automatically change for all goodness. He conferred awards on the four winners who were the best in Rajasthan in ‘Talk for Peace’ competition.

Prem Rawat in his addresses has emphasized that greed is the root cause of all the dissatisfaction and disturbance around the globe. Until unless there is peace in one’s life greed can’t be overcome.

Youth are  backbone of the world and they have started taking initiative for developing the culture of peace and so let all of us unite and make the environment flow with all the fragrance of peace and joy for one and all.

The Minister of Social Justice  was part of the event .

Peace is within and waiting for being uncovered and experienced bringing all joy and happiness in the life.