In this world people have priorities of money and power with all the discriminations and that’s why there is so much unrest and disturbance prevails everywhere in the lives of human beings all around the globe. What is needed is Peace.

To let all be aware about the eternal Peace dwelling in everyone’s heart without any discrimination Youth Peace Foundation is busy in creating a Culture of Peace amongst all with the help of the youth who practically experience Peace in their lives and are willing to spread the Message of Peace globally.

In this direction YPF team Ranchi conducted an event at St. Margaret Girls High School on 30th January, 2015 where 150 youth participated in ‘Write for peace’ and ‘Art for Peace’. They presented different, unique and the sweetest ideas about Peace. This way YPF team is busy in organizing activities on various aspects and by virtue of these people are told the message of peace which when experienced within changes the life and one becomes at peace from within and thus they help create peace outside also in their surroundings. The event was a great success.