Deepawali, a Hindi word, is a combination of two words – Deep means ‘lamp’ and awali which means ‘series’. A series of lamps enlightening the environment and filling the hearts of people with joy and happiness. Deepawali is a symbolic representation of all these. Light means coming out of ignorance which is like darkness in our lives and in turn providing all the peace and satisfaction in our lives.

The foremost beauty of any festival is in enjoying in a healthy, peaceful, happy and joyous way.

Let us celebrate Deepawali by lighting the earthen lamps, having safe, healthy and hygienic food stuffs, not firing those crackers that cause air and noise pollution.

Let us enjoy in a decent, peaceful, healthy, eco-friendly and pollution freeway and inspire others also for the same so that everywhere there is a realm of this wisdom.

Wish you all a peaceful and wonderful Deepawali.