“The Youth is the hope of our future”- Jose Rizal

Rightly said above, the youth is the foundation of any civilization or culture. They have had always been the driving force for the betterment of the mankind and the world, if under proper guidance.

With the tremendous support from the youth of India, YPF has successfully added a long list of activities to its kitty in a short span of time. The latest being ‘International Day of Peace’ held in 17 major cities including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad etc. simultaneously by organizing ‘Peace March’.

After having its foothold in India now YPF has spread its wings to a beautiful neighboring country located in foothills of Himalayas, i.e. Nepal which is inhabited by very simple and heart oriented people. On 18th-19th October, YPF was launched through the workshop held in capital town Kathmandu where some 120 enthusiastic people from all over Nepal participated. Sharing lots of ideas about YPF promotions they took the responsibility to drive the YPF activities in the region.
With the hope of being successful in touching the hearts of millions of youths in Nepal and developing the culture of peace there, YPF is committed to go through a long way to other countries too, thus reaching each and every person who is alive on the face of this earth with the wonderful idea of having peace in this life, right here!