The Mega Event “Celebrate Peace ” concluded gracefully in ‪#‎LPU‬. Participants of the event enjoyed to the zenith and the compliments received during the feedback were inspiring and truly fascinating, which encourages ‪#‎YPF_Team‬ to organize such events more often and bring that sheer ‪#‎Happiness‬ and ‪#‎Joy‬ in the people participating.

Mr. PK Chaudhary( co CRPF ),Ms. Roshmi Mittal (pro chancellor) and Dr. Sourav lakhanpal (Head DSA) were the chief guests of the event. They equally enjoyed themselves with the activities done by #YPF_Team at the event .

They not only thank #YPF_Team for conducting the event but also requested to come up regularly with such remedies in form of event and get together. The auditorium was over crowded as more than 500 students attended the event. More than 200 students waited outside the auditorium. The event comprises performance by Satnam Singh & Group, Dance Performance by Dance Factory, Play by Azad Group and Madam Seema Soni from 94.3 FM.

The event affected everybody positively. People seems ‪#‎happy‬ and ‪#‎energetic‬ throughout. Suraj Pandey, Saurav, Shobit and many more students come up and showed their interests to join ‪#‎YPF‬ for noble and enriching cause. The Chief Guests addressed the event as a great hit and requested to adhere to their campus frequently with same kind of activity.

YPF in its full form, is dedicating to enrich lives of people truly and touching them as well to feel that possibility and joy within. They will continue doing so and though joy and happiness is our prime necessity.

The event was sponsored by ‪#‎Flower‬ Point-Jalandhar

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