With this motto and hope, the enthusiastic team of Youth Peace Foundation – Lucknow did an event named MEDICINE FOR PEACE on 21st march 2016 for doctors and faculty members of King George’s Medical College, Lucknow.

The program was attended by 35 doctors and residents including 6 HODs, 26 senior professors and 3 junior doctors who were very happy and excited about the program. The program was facilitated by Mr. R.K Rai (Retd. IG).
The senior doctors shared very positive feedback and asked for more such programs specially for their students.
Feedback given by HODs and Professors:
Dr. Chakk (Chairman of a counselling society) said that he would like to invite YPF to do such programs in counselling sessions for students and their parents because such programs have been proved very helpful for both students and their parents during counselling etc.

Prof. Dr. Jitendra Rao said that he wants know more about Mr. Prem Rawat and his message. He had already listened to Mr. Prem Rawat but don’t know about any source of spreading his message, now he got it.

Prof. Dr. Anil Chandra and one more HOD would like to do this event for their students as well