Mostly of us like to rejoice Sunday in various ways.

YPF team Kanpur made a unique plan to celebrate the Sunday. They took permission to conduct an event ‘Sign up for Peace’ in the Zoological Park, Kanpur.

Team told the visitors there that if they want to support Peace they can sign up for Peace and take a pledge this year to ‘Listen-Respect-Learn’; and you in the days to come actually listen to people, respect them and learn something from them.

Team made a tree and named it ‘Wishing & Resolution Tree’ so that people may write their wishes on that. Many visitors participated whole heartedly and became a part of the event.

Shri Mukesh Kumar, Director, Zoological Park, Kanpur wrote, “If every individual tries then Peace is possible. I wish let there be Peace in the world. I am proud to be a part of it today.” Shri Dharmendra Yadav, ex-MP and the Chief Guest said that whatever you all are doing is a good beginning. I wish Peace be established in this world. All the officials present there appreciated the effort put in by the youth and realized that if the youth are taking initiative peace is very much possible.

Around 3500 people participated in this event and everyone enjoyed with all the zeal, zest & enthusiasm.