People all around the world celebrates International Peace day on 21st September every year with great enthusiasm and fervor. This day was declared by United Nations general assembly to make people understand the importance of peace, both within and among each other – nations as well as people.
Everyone on this phase of earth needs to understand the importance of recognizing their right to be at peace all the time. Economic and social development of every human being is only possible if each one of us is at Peace. The essence and importance of being at Peace is readily understandable and do not need any introduction. Its innate by nature and till we are alive, it is a prerequisite. People often debate and argue about the basic needs of people and see Peace as the last viable option if any but they are mistaken and sooner or later everyone will realize that Peace comes first and other goals follow later if they had not yet realized the same.
Youth Peace Foundation popularly known as YPF, a group of young energetic enthusiasts had understood the importance of Peace and they wanted to establish a culture of Peace in the world by providing platform to everyone to come, discuss, brainstorm and realise the significance of Peace and YPF is religiously trying to build a healthier and better society.

Founded in 2014, this is the 6th year when YPF is celebrating Peace week passionately across the globe. Different activities have been organized in Schools, Colleges, Corporates and other institutions to celebrate the magnanimity of Peace. YPF will be posting Photos, videos, verbatims and experiences of YPF team and the participants of the Peace day on our social media channels for people to experience and comprehend the efforts and functioning of YPF. We value the life of every human being and we as a team are working with great effort and energy to achieve the GOAL OF PEACE FOR EVERYONE.