A new beginning with new innovative and unique ideas on the very first new day of the New Year 2015  started in the most popular and jam-packed park known as ‘Shraddhanjali Kanan’ in Guwahati with a lot of zeal as well as zest welcoming people visiting there as usual but in a new vibration of hope, vigour and enthusiasm by the team of Youth Peace Foundation requesting them to stick their New Year’s resolution for Peace and sign for Peace in the visible vision having a ‘Peace Tree’.

YPF organized ‘Talk for Peace’ also and the motive was to incite people about considering the wonderful opportunity in this human life where they can participate and help on individual levels developing Culture of Peace all around. A lot of people took part in all this with all the humour & understanding the importance of Peace for the entire human race at this crucial juncture of time around the planet earth where we all are breathing but not in peace.

Some mentioned that in order to generate peace, they should begin it with themselves first, while others stated that an environment free of pollution and crime would help maintain a state of tranquility.  The primary question-“How would you incorporate peace in your own New Year resolution?” led many of them ponder about inculcating peace in their own lives.

The event ended with a number of people not only signing up for Peace and talking on Peace but with a determination too to work their way try their best accomplish it.