Peace is a subject that is the most misunderstood and wrongly discussed of all the subjects known to the human beings since time immemorial and therefore all the time there were, is and will be the wise person who conveys the most correct and righteous (practical) meaning of Peace.

Few youth who have understood and realized Peace within are committed as well as determined to spread the Culture of Peace amongst one and all without any discrimination whatsoever. Inner Peace is not a relative tern and it does not depend on any external thing.

YPF (Youth Peace Foundation) team, Ranchi organized ‘Talk for Peace’, ‘Art for Peace’ and ‘Dance for Peace’ activities near J.P.Market with all the enthusiasm, zeal and zest. Those who participated got motivated and inspired with all the excitement and enjoyed the beauty of message of Peace.

All the 30 participants along with the judges got wholeheartedly involved into all the activities and enjoyed to its fullest. Many new and innovative ideas were shared by the participants and all were appreciable.

Every participant expressed categorically that it was a good experience and the participation was too good to describe in words.