Have we ever thought seriously about the tranquil face and actions of a small child? No signs of discrimination, no jealous but feeling of peace.

Where has that peace and parity gone away from us all?

Have we really lost those qualities or are just a click away from us?

We are for sure still child at our hearts and that shines occasionally, and something similar happened here in this school when the team of Youth Peace Fest approached the authorities to conduct Art for Peace event for children.

The team got warm feeling from school for conducting an event on Culture of Peace through ‘Art for Peace’. The Chair Person was astonished to watch team’s effort and promised to cooperate with all the facilities onwards. The teachers very happy and participated in the activity and got much impressed with the creativity of the small children on such an abstract topic.
The Principal encouraged YPF team to conduct such activities on ‘Dance for Peace’, ‘Write for Peace’ etc… Before prize distribution students applauded and showed their crayons with full enthusiasm and cheerfulness.