Ideally a school is the temple of knowledge and knowledge is nothing but learning something by heart and mind both. Few qualities that are abstract in nature are basically learnt by heart, and the most abstract and eternal quality that every human being has is to love Peace.

But somehow this subject of Peace is not very common and essential for most of us, though it is the fundamental essence of Life.

In the process of pursuing this pious subject all over the country, few members of Youth Peace Fest team approached the Manager here for organizing an event on Art for Peace and Write for Peace, with some reservations in the beginning the permission was granted, but at last he was the one who shared his ideas about the values and needs of peace for students, and also emphasized on the importance of peace in our life. The teachers co-operated fully and showed their interest in YPF campaign.

Students showed their brilliant expressions on Peace through art and write ups,
after the activity and prize distribution was held wherein, the Manager appreciated the humanitarian and unselfish efforts done by YPF team and agreed to support fully in future.