Although the fragrance of flower is within itself but it cannot be seen. The only way to enjoy it, is to feel it. Water have the quality and capacity of quenching thirst but it is also not visible. It can be felt only by drinking it. Similarly Peace is with in us but it needs to be felt.

Youth Peace Fest (YPF), with the power of youth, have taken the responsibility to spread awareness about the Peace, so that each individual on this earth can realise the need of it. An event was conducted by East Delhi team of volunteers, on Sunday 16th November, 2014 at Elite International School, Sonia Vihar.

Around 72 students (12-30 years) participated in ‘Write for Peace’ and ‘Talk for Peace’. Students from nearby institutes like IIPL, WINDIAZ, IIAT and ADARSH INSTITUTE also participated.

Chief Guest Chaudhary Surendar SinghVice President , Agriculture Produce and Marketing Committee and Mr. Rohtash Kumar, SHO, Sonia Vihar inspired the students to follow the culture of peace and thanked the YPF team for all the efforts for such a noble cause.

Three best students for each activity were given awards. It was a successful activity aimed towards recognizing the power of love to recognise Peace.