Everybody is dreaming for the day, when truly there will be Peace on this earth. Need not be celebrating it, but living with it, with joy and tranquility.

And for accomplishing this every individual has to have his or her share of sincere effort by taking one step ahead in understanding first ‘what really Peace means to me’.

In this endeavour ‘A Walk for Peace’ activity was organized by the YPF team in Ranchi wherein around 400 people (mostly youth) participated and walked for about 2 km.

The walk symbolized the advancing steps towards a peaceful society , and marked as a commitment by one to adapt the mantra of Listen Respect Learn in one’s life, It started from Zila School very peacefully and gracefully spreading the feeling of WOW amongst the spectators. They are celebrating ‘International Day of Peace’ “. The Peace walkathon concluded at Raj Residential Hotel where a hall was booked for the cultural celebrations, lasting upto 5 hours.

The main theme was to make people aware about the need for peace in one’s life. The chief guest was Mr. Kamlesh Ram, President of Aadivasi Mulwasi Chaatra Yuva Sangh Morcha. A video of Mr. Prem Rawat  who is an eminent speaker of peace was shown in which he emphasized that it is an individual responsibility of each human being to bring peace on this earth, and only this way peace is possible. Thereafter, a number of competitions took place between students of different schools on the topics ‘Dance for Peace’, ‘Talk for Peace’ and ‘Art for Peace’.

The event concluded with prize distribution ceremony and a huge round of applauds by audience and appreciation by Chief guest.

 “We don’t have to create peace; we have to usher it in. Peace comes when we can begin to look within.” Said one of the attendees at the event.