Peace is like the sweet nectar of a flower having a pleasing and satisfying fragrance. We all the human beings are like flowers individually having immense nectar and everlasting fragrance within us, but being busy in daily hustle and bustle we have been overlooking the sources of true happiness, contentment and peace .

For creating ‘The Culture of Peace’ for every living human being on this earth ‘Youth Peace Foundation’ have solemnly undertaken the responsibility to spread the awareness that ‘Peace is practically possible in every human being’s life’, and to accomplish it YPF team, Ranchi organized a signature campaign and ‘peace tree’ near JSCA International Stadium on 18th January, 2015 in which 500 youth participated by signing for peace and shared their ideas about Peace. A match between celebrities was being held and signature flex with peace tree proved to be the best and extraordinary way for awareness.

Many people got attracted towards the ‘peace tree’ and appreciated the approach for such a noble cause for the entire humanity and proposed join hands and work together. A number of the participants and visitors logged on to the YPF website and liked it on the face book at the spot itself.

It was an amazing experience seeing the enthusiasm and interest about peace amongst people.