Peace is not something that has to be talked about only for the world, but it is the most fundamental basic utmost inner need of every human being. It is not the subject of mind but of the heart. It has not to be defined or put into the golden box of philosophies. Heart wants experience of the truth. Truth provides contentment and then you are at peace. Who will take the initiative to let one and all know about the inner kingdom where peace dwells in everyone’s heart?

Youth Peace Foundation took the responsibility of creating the ‘Culture of Peace’ amongst each and every individual. On the occasion of Lohri (13th January, 2015) YPF organized an event competitions on ‘Art for Peace’ and ‘Write for Peace’ at St. Stephens Community (NGO), Sunder Nagari, East Delhi which provides facilities like food and education to nearby slum kids. About 60 students participated and their write-ups and drawings were very unique as well as inspiring and meaningful.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Amod Kumar, MD, St. Stephen Community and Mr. Dev Raj, MD, Emmanuel Seva Group. They stressed how important are food, education, and Peace as the basic necessities for a human being. Best four students were awarded certificates by YPF.

At the end Mr. Dev Raj introduced a revolutionary concept and encouraged all to introduce oneself as “I am Peace”.