Author: Apurva, New Delhi

We human beings are very distinct and remarkable creations. We are unique and different from other creations because we have this peculiar organ brain and vast ocean of emotions within us since birth which makes us outstanding and noteworthy. These emotions are not taught to us but they are innate. These emotions just not make us different and unique but these emotions are the substructure of our extant. Attraction, Anger, Confusion, Envious, Hatred, Happiness, Sadness, Love, etc are some innate feelings in us.

LOVE is the most beautiful emotion among all of them. This Love is often confused as the adultery feeling which is about craving for one other particular person. It is always mistaken as a sense of attraction or obsession for somebody and mainly refers to attachment between two opposite genders. In this modern era, mainly everybody is so fascinated with the infatuation of opposite gender which later is interpreted as LOVE.

I am cognizant of the fact that Love is just not what the adults feel these days but it is that innate feeling which is unadulterated and the reason of provocation of our fate. It’s that pure sentiment which is incredibly wonderful! It is the highest desire which provokes us to seek fulfillment. Love is there so that every human being sees each other with respect, admiration and acclamation. And not just that even love prevails between animals.  It is the foundation of survival- it’s in the hug which we receive from siblings/friends, it’s in the praise which teacher/professor gives to his/her student, it’s in the petty fights we have with our near and dears, it’s in the whoop of every father, it is there when the cute puppy wags its tail, it is there when the pet birds’ chirp on the entry of their near ones.

Love is that feeling which helps to describe the sense of delightfulness to anyone, even to a stranger. Love helps us to acknowledge noteworthiness of others in our life. It is there in a baby of 1 month to an adult of 20 years or an old person of 75 years. In order to make others feel special and show them their importance in your life, love is the most delicate and marvelous medium.

This love is just not an inclination for individuals but it can be for objects and activities as well. Also I would like to mention here that this is not limited to living or non-living salutations but it can be for ourselves as well. There is no harm in loving oneself.  So as we all comprehend what LOVE actually is, the quintessence here lies that each one of us should adapt this beautiful emotion of Love and maneuver it in our existent.  This Love is the feeling which pioneer goodness in us and which further becomes the rudimentary ingredients of effective sustenance. Love is bliss.

All of us should commit to ourselves that we will spread this ultimate presentiment all around and hence can way toward the fulfillment. LOVE is explored in numerous poems, lyrics, and various artistic endeavors but only a little research and analysis of love has been done. This is an accepted mindset that Love is indefinable but I found it bizarre because for me it is the most satisfying and extraordinary experiences we can have as human beings. Love is just not an emotion; it is the elementary part of connection as well.

Generally, we pardon the blunders of our loved ones as well but we do not ignore or accept petty mistakes of people whom we don’t like or we don’t know. This readily explains that love is a feeling which makes us more calm, composed and tranquil. In almost every holy book it is written we are here on earth to make our lives successful, to attain salvation and other things are just secondary. So if we want to attain that divine culmination we need to adapt to the feeling of love which will eventually dislodge our amateurish practices.

I conclude with this that make LOVE as your convention and successively we will definitely be able to achieve that true happiness and will be able to give same happiness to others.