Author: A Prof Amandeep kaur, New Delhi

Foundational secret of success lies in gratitude….. this statement corroborated time and again by people around us. But, is that all which sums up this world sized term? Absolutely not, gratitude is an emotion which has to be befriended, before it can be applied.

GRATITUDE: An Attitude of thankfulness

A vibe: of Abundance

An urge: to Learn from tough patch

A policy: to Give

A Mission: to take nothing for granted.

When, I was yoked by rough situations in life, the only resolution I was suggested that to bank upon ‘positivity’. Well, this solution wasn’t miraculous, because Positivity, suo moto cannot take grip of life. Rather, it needs a platform to take off. Positive attitude needs a tool or a strategy to deal with life as it comes to you, and not by fabricating illusions. I, tried being positive and started ignoring the need of hour which demanded my action rather than constructing fancies about whimsical tomorrow. And, on failing innumerably I could figure incompleteness in the positive programme, I was following. So, on close examination I, seemingly touched simple yet beautiful revelation about life, which is: Life has situated all its treasure within the state of ‘Being Grateful’ which encapsulates everything like Inner Peace, Eternal happiness, ecstasy, positivity, et al.

Gratitude has to be construed with widest expanse, so as to take glimpse of the Real life. To start with, be thankful that you are alive: most precious gift, thankful for the beautiful ecosystem which makes your survival possible, thankful for opportunities around, thankful for capabilities in you; and this list of abundance is endless. Abundance around you shouldn’t be neglected by entirely focusing on what is missing in life. Ironically, we tend to ignore what we have for something what we don’t have!.

Why can’t we make best use of this state- of being alive, by loving: ourselves, people around us, environment, Earth, universe, entire cosmos! It’s just ‘Love’ which we have to emit from within, and ‘thankfulness’ for love we receive. It’s all about being grateful for what we have, and coping up every situation with an objective, i.e. to become a better ME.

Trust me! Go out, and feel the breeze embracing your beautiful face, whispering a melody of love in your ears; Be an audience to dancing trees and hopping leaves; treat your senses with the delight of nature. Then, you will believe in the magic of being GRATEFUL. Consequently, shedding all your fears, insecurities, negativities and facing every day with your best.

Make life worth living by gracing every breadth with GRATITUDE😇