Author: Hardeep Manhas, Mukerian, Jalandhar

“Wow….! I Love This….!”

I don’t have a count as if how many times a day I speak this word ‘Love’ or I use it in my daily communication. And the same thing happens with almost every individual. We speak or we don’t; directly or indirectly we do find ourselves in a moment – a perfect or astounding moment! And we say, “I found something, I Love”.But when we admire we have no idea that we will be bound to same thought for a second, a minute, an hour or day, or sometimes may be for many days but we did get bound to that perfect moment or thing which fulfills our desire for Love for meanwhile.

In so-called path of life, between all these moments, day by day, we keep running and keep ourselves busy doing our tasks, just with the belief in our mind, that ‘Yes! I will find what I desire for!! What I Love’. But of course, the reality is somewhat different. Even after trying hard and hard every time, we do understand that something is missing, something very obvious, but still, we stay ignorant to it. And this ignorance, make us believe what is not true, as our own definition of ‘Love’, that love is non-existing, irrespective of the fact that reality is not hidden, but very close yet we don’t understand.

So what is the reality and what is it that we need to know, to find ‘Love’?

Mr. Prem Rawat often says, “Love is what sunflower have for the Sun.” The Sunflower! Each day; No Sunday, No Monday…. No…. Each and every day, the Sunflower is ready, ready for its love, the Sun. It aligns itself with the Sun, and throughout the whole day, it will follow; and next day in that perfect moment when Sun rises, the Sunflower is ready again. And it’s not happening today or tomorrow, it has happened since ages, and will happen till ages to come, the Sunflower will always follow its nature of Love.

This is Love; it is not something temporary, it’s permanent. It is not conditional; it’s always and always unconditional. The very true nature of Love is it’s unconditional; it’s unbound to any, any limits and is always permanent.

We need to know this reality, that to understand Love, we first need to start from our own selves. Just like the Sunflower, we have to get ready each and every day, for our desire, for our Love. Start from yourself, your own life. We are blessed with the existence; and just because of this existence, everything around us exists for us. Thus, the first thing we can Love and appreciate is this existence. And then, just like that sunflower, raise yourself and be ready, be prepared for that perfect moment, for that beautiful moment. The truth is, as the Sun never let the sunflower down, you too will always be held with the true Love. This is the beauty of Love, for Love to fulfill your desire, you need to first start loving your own self, your existence, and everything around you will hold you as that flower in the petals, secured from outside dirt and rising ahead.

Know this truth, “Love!! In return, you will be Loved…!”