In this era of 21st century which is modern and civilized, how many among us think about quintessential – “Freedom”. Independence Day is coming soon and whole country will be patriotic for a day or two to enjoy our freedom. But was colonial not good? The sublime interference and dictatorship was bad and needs no discussion and that’s why only the mere thought of sacrifices of freedom fighters and that slavery bond can give Goosebumps to anyone. Isn’t it?
But even after seven decades of being an independent country what we had achieved!!

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Gratitude: Beyond being Positive

Foundational secret of success lies in gratitude….. this statement corroborated time and again by people around us. But, is that all which sums up this world sized term? Absolutely not, gratitude is an emotion which has to be befriended, before it can be applied. GRATITUDE: An Attitude of thankfulness
A vibe: of Abundance
An urge: to Learn from tough patch
A policy: to Give
A Mission: to take nothing for granted.
When, I was yoked by rough situations in life, the only resolution I was suggested that to bank upon ‘positivity’.

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Chest of Gold Coins

It’s me, my father and mother at home. Once I had an argument with them and I left home. I was crying and I started walking toward hillside. I kept walking for many hours – Passing across the flock of sheep, I reached a pond with lotus blooming in it and bumblebees humming over them sucking nectar. I felt thirsty and wanted to drink water but the lotus pond was not having clean water so I sit on stone nearby and started looking around. An old man came towards me and asked me why I was crying? I begged him for food and water as I came running and was very thirsty. He pointed his finger towards a chest of gold coins shining at a distance.

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The Beauty of Love

In so-called path of life, between all these moments, day by day, we keep running and keep ourselves busy doing our tasks, just with the belief in our mind, that ‘Yes! I will find what I desire for!! What I Love’. But of course, the reality is somewhat different. Even after trying hard and hard every time, we do understand that something is missing, something very obvious, but still, we stay ignorant to it. And this ignorance, make us believe what is not true, as our own definition of ‘Love’, that love is non-existing, irrespective of the fact that reality is not hidden, but very close yet we don’t understand.

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What is Love?

LOVE is the most beautiful emotion among all of them. This Love is often confused as the adultery feeling which is about craving for one other particular person. It is always mistaken as a sense of attraction or obsession for somebody and mainly refers to attachment between two opposite genders. In this modern era, mainly everybody is so fascinated with the infatuation of opposite gender which later is interpreted as LOVE.

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What is Life?

Wind blows, flowers blooms, sky pours, sun shines, stars twinkle and much more happens all around whatsoever we can think about – any action or reaction; substance or nonentity; till somebody is alive; It has life. It can be human or it can be an animal the occurrence of numerous events pertains only till they have Life. Once Life goes every other thing continues as it is but that realm to feel something, conquer something, live any moment, accomplish any wish, imagine any twill becomes unrealistic and non-feasible which itself says the significance of LIFE.

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