Author: Apoorva, New Delhi

Life is that facet of existence due to which we subsist. When I say we; it includes all Living beings on this phase of Earth.

Wind blows, flowers blooms, sky pours, sun shines, stars twinkle and much more happens all around whatsoever we can think about – any action or reaction; substance or nonentity; till somebody is alive; It has life. It can be human or it can be an animal the occurrence of numerous events pertains only till they have Life. Once Life goes every other thing continues as it is but that realm to feel something, conquer something, live any moment, accomplish any wish, imagine any twill becomes unrealistic and non-feasible which itself says the significance of LIFE.

We humans are considered as most supreme creation of Nature but our superiority is also confined to an utter sense of reality that it can only prevail till we are alive, till we have LIFE; the most beautiful gift of Nature to us.

Few like this gift, few dislike it but irrespective of Choices this is the omnipresent reality that without Life; we are mere dust and few other elements which will either be buried or burnt. But without going deep into Tragedies, I would like to bring everyone’s attention to the possibility that if you are alive- you have the platform, possibility, slot and feasibility to conquer all your desires and wishes – whatever it may be.

If we look around and see the current scenario, how many among the billions of this supreme creation of God are actually fulfilling their life, realize its importance and really go mile ahead to add betterment to themselves and others? How many of them only do productive and constructive things and essentially quenched the importance of this existence? How many really thank the Nature for this gift and motivates other as well to do same? Bitter but truth is rarely; only handful of people does recognize the uniqueness and preciousness of this life; most of them keep cursing the destiny or circumstances or people around them and just slog themselves till they take their last breath.
This is my perception that whatever I had mentioned here is nothing new, mostly everyone among us know this but I want to raise everybody conscience by this article that shall we change our way of living? Shall we keep slogging and complaining or we will take this opportunity to make this world a better place to live in?

I had not written anything to cry, crib and make complains but I just make an effort; a very small effort to instigate everybody who will read this to think once what they are doing and what they are supposed to do? I believe that at least now people should preclude the erroneous substances from their life. It is never too late for a new beginning and if each one of among us will look ahead for that fruitful beginning to make our lives a successful life, a meaningful life and add value to it, my purpose will be solved.

Every second 4 people are born and 2 people die and till today how many had born and how many had died but only I want to be one among them who made fruitful contribution to themselves and their society. We get one LIFE and I urge everyone to substantiate the wish Of Nature who gave us life by doing good things to ourselves and to our surroundings. Zillions of things are written and said about Life, what to do what not to do; how to make life

successful, do’s and donts’ of life and much more but I don’t want to exert my view point on anyone, I am requesting all to think once what they think should be Do’s and Donts’ of their lives so that they make the best out of their LIFE and consequently the best of their resources to do good to them and also to their society.

Call it nature, God or whatever you like; if we had got this chance in form of Gift called LIFE from them to fulfill ourselves then we will not be hesitant to step ahead and embrace it will full valor, strength and positivity.