Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk about Peace, People asked many questions. We are sharing frequently asked questions.

What is Youth Peace Foundation?

Youth Peace Fest is a campaign of Youth Peace Foundatio and undertaken by young people inspired by the need for building a culture of peace in the world.

Who are the key persons of YPF?

President:                    Mr. Arun Singh

General Secretary:    Mrs. Sheetal Gupta

Treasurer:                    Mr. Deepak Singhal

How old is Youth Peace Foundation?

Registered on 23 September 2014

What is the source of funding for the organization?

Sponsors supports us, Corporates supports under Customer Social Responsibility and received from donation given by its volunteers who are willing to support this campaingn financially.

Who all are the target beneficiaries?
Why you targeting youth?

Youth are the main driving force for any change we want in society, so by plowing this culture in youth we can build the better environment for this and next generation.

Will it provide benefit for youth?

It is beneficial for the youth because we are providing them a platform to come forward, take a stand as a responsible member of the society and express their thoughts with full confidence and without any hesitation. It will broaden their perspective towards life.

How Dance and Music relates with Peace?

Dance and music are art forms that were invented to express the human thoughts and feelings in an artistic way. Since we encourage youth to express their thoughts towards “peace”, so dance and music could be a good way to do that. Plus these art forms are included in the hobbies of today’s generation, so giving them a chance to participate in dance and music for peace will be an added advantage for them.