On the Occasion of New Year, Youth Peace Foundation Kanpur team has Organized a mega Event with all our team efforts at Motijheel, Bal Udhaan Park at the center heart of Kapur Nagar with the due permission from the concerning Authority Mrs. Jai Shree Bhoj (IAS) Chairman of Kanpur Development Authority.

YPF Team has selected an Amphitheater inside the Bal Udhaan Park because it was a readymade stage & it easy to address/conveying the message of Peace/culture of peace. At 12 clock Event was inaugurated by the honorable younger Chief Guest Mr. Arun Pathak (MLC Kanpur) afterward He addresses to the audience/Youth/All peace is the fundamental need for every citizen on the planet of this earth.

Chief Guest said “Youth Peace Foundation is providing a great platform for the youth of new generation to come forward to think and understand about peace and to admire it” With the great enthusiasm the program was started various dignities, attendees were gathered during the event and they were very keened to listen and known about peace peacefully.

By the signature for peace, YPF gives the message for peace on the very first day of NewYear with the resolution as Pledge for peace in their Lives. Some Youth said “I made the commitment to discovering peace in my live” Youth came and express their feelings about peace, and to what peace means to them, and simultaneously encouraging them to think about world peace at large. Few out of many youths who have practically experienced that peace themselves are devoted to this gentle as well as noble cause under the banner of YPF.

With the Audience YPF members were playing a Quiz peace activity to aware everyone by the means of draw such as a) What is peace? b) Why is peace require in your life? c) When is world peace day celebrated? At that last YPF team gave the gift to winner under the banner of peace. YPF also informed about the social networking sites YPF website address, online usage to come to join, listen, learn, like about peace.

Two Canopy stall was set up within the same park during an event to convey the message of peace by Mr. Prem Rawat with a short clip 5-7 min Only. Various Following activities YPF has performed during an event are:

  • Video Presentation, Message of Peace by Mr. Prem Rawat
  • Music for Peace
  • Game for peace
  • Dance for Peace
  • Canopy Programme
  • Rock Band
  • Talk about Peace

In between and after peace activities, YPF were giving the message of Prem Rawat to the Audiences. YPF invite the Press reporter through the press Club in Kanpur, various TV channel, Press Reporters came to cover the Youth Peace Foundation and its peace gave activities.YPF also provided a press Release to the reporters and the media personnel.

During An Event when a huge crowd was gathered inside the park so Police administration has advised us to please stop your Event so that crowd will be dispersed easily.

So, at last, our team member has decided to stop an event on the ground of safety and security.

Around 10,000-15,0000 persons came across with the Message of Peace.
Event start time: 12:00 clock
Closing Time: 05:00 PM
Date of Event: Sunday, 1 January 2017
Venue: Baal Udayan Park, Motijheel Park, Kanpur Nagar, U.P.