This world has been in a phase of turmoil and turbulence and so is the human being, though the people have ever been busy in discoveries and inventions to accomplish a long, comfortable and luxurious life; but the human being has been overlooking the call of peace and true happiness knocking from within and thus very few percent of the entire population of the earth could do something in this field. People know so much about war, dissatisfaction, enmity etc. that no fill in the blanks is left for Peace.

After all someone will have to show up and shout with the loudest voice steadily till the goal of Peace is achieved for each and every human being alive here on this planet. An effort is going on around the globe for letting people understand Peace.
Volunteers of the Youth Peace Fest took initiative in Pune and organized an event on ‘Write for Peace’ at S.K. Academy on 9th October, 2014. This academy is busy in imparting training people for joining Indian Army or the Police Force. The coach of the academy whole heartedly welcomed the event and recognized the need of peace in every individual’s life, more so for those who are or will be in more stressful and responsible jobs.

There were 45 students in the age group of 20-25 years in this event. They all were very enthusiastic to see that at least someone is talking about the basic need i.e. peace and involving and inspiring others too so decently.
The students expressed their thoughts really well. It was overwhelming to see these extremely busy students passing through such a hard training but taking deep interest in Peace.
The event as a whole was very successful.