Peaceful morning, light Breeze, Birds chirping… what an amazing experience we all must have when we woke up by these positive Vibes.

Birds are sensitive indicators of biological richness and the health of our environment. They also play important role in our natural ecosystem. So, as a human being, it’s our responsibility to salvage the species. Somewhere, it is truly said biodiversity is the way so don’t let nature go astray.

Taking a step towards humanity, Youth Peace Foundation team conducted and activity at Nehru garden on the occasion of International biodiversity day, 22 May.

In which some water bowls and Bajra were distributed among people for creating awareness towards protection of species. The initiative was supported by the Walkers who came for the morning walk at Nehru garden and helped to make the event successful.

Youth peace Foundation is a Non-governmental organization. The perspective on which it works are peace, humanity, health, and hygiene through which the quality of life people are living can be improved.