Who is my ‘friend’ and who is my ‘foe’? The most correct answer is “I” myself. None else. Why is it so? Because when I am truly happy from inside everything in this world looks and appears beautiful and soothing, but when I am not everything gets into the reverse gear causing hatred, anger, revenge, distaste for every good thing etc. Thus I am my friend and my foe both depending upon the inner vibrations.

Similarly when one is at Peace in its truest sense from within his vision and thoughts become full of kindness, love, warmth and humanity. Inner Peace is very much possible for each and every one of us in this living time.

And to create this culture of Peace amongst the youth and all the Youth Peace Foundation team organized an event at “Chano” having activities like – Talk for Peace, Write for Peace, Art for Peace and Dance for Peace on the National Day 26th January, 2015. It was very encouraging, inspiring and path breaking for the mis-concepts about peace.

More than 150 youth participated in these events and made like – “Peace is very much possible for one and all.”