The greatest tragedy in this world with the human being is that the most natural and simple thing has been made the most complicated and misunderstood. And the result is that the world is passing through such a turmoil and turbulence.

One of the things is Peace which has been made a mystery and so far as if it is beyond reach of a human being. To remove this ignorance and misunderstanding the Ranchi branch of Youth Peace Foundation took an inspiring initiative on 26th Jannuary, 2015 at Gaushala Ground by conducting events like ‘Run for Peace’ and ‘Dance for Peace’.  26th January is a national festival and on this YPF team tried to make an awareness festival for each and every youth of Ranchi.

The main motto was to ask the youth after organizing the event – ‘Is Peace Possible ?’ And the beautiful answer in “YES” reverberated from every corner. More than 200 youth participated in the aforesaid activities and enjoyed to its fullest and got encouraged as well as inspired by affirming the positive “Yes, it is possible.” Mr. Ram Chandra Baitha.