Every Child Deserves a Chance at Life

 Peace dwells in the heart of every human being. Experiencing and feeling peace do not depend on anything except breath coming in and going out. That is, one has to be alive and in a position to understand the things.

It is an absolute and abstract thing independent and free from all the concepts and limitations.

Being underprivileged is no hurdle in realizing and experiencing peace. Peace is an inherent virtue of one and all irrespective of age, ability, education, culture etc.

Youth Peace Fest is pacing fast and taking the message and culture of peace to every corner of the world.

In this humble and persistent effort, YPF conducted events for ‘Write for Peace’ and ‘Art for Peace’ at Sharda Ashram, Shirgaon, Pune for underprivileged students on 14th November. This ashram is a home cum school for such children and provides food and education to the independent children (society calls orphan).

Everyone in the ashram welcomed and appreciated this unique approach as well as initiative to make people aware about peace, especially children who are the gems of the society and future of mankind. 350 students between the age group of 4 to 15 years participated and expressed their original views and thoughts in words as well as in form of art on the necessity and importance of peace. Everyone was enthusiastic and eager to know more with a commitment to cooperate fully and think about peace in their lives.

The importance of peace is being recognized by all wherever this initiative was taken and people got an opportunity to know about it by any means.

“Let there be peace on earth. And let it begin with me.”-Seymour Miller & Jill Jackson