We all aspire for Peace in every situation of our life. It is the utmost desire which lightens each and every person on the face of this earth, which can not be explained in words. This thought came true when Ranchi YPF team went to St Xavier’s College, Ranchi and organised “Talk for Peace”, “Extempore for Peace”, “Signature for Peace” and video presentation among youngsters present there. Around 5000 youth participated in the event which lasted for 4 days, 13th to 16th of February, 2015.

People really appreciated the event and youths were seen to be more excited then ever before after seeing all the activities related to Peace. They had never seen such an effort by any organization or group earlier. They said “This is an unprecedented activity & we wish more activities are done in future, we really need this.”

In all it was a wonderful event with lasting memories.